J.D Roybal - "Pueblo Dance" silkscreen, CPRSIB15-03


25.5" L

21" W

-measurements include frame
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  • J. D Roybal (Oquwa, Rain God) was born in San Ildefonso New Mexico in 1922. He painted mainly in the traditional Pueblo style. A lot of his work contains realism but has a sense of humor. He used water-based paints and created fine detail, outlining, gestural figures and an impressive selection of color. (Tanner,126-127).

    This silkscreen transfer is in good shape. It has no repairs to the overall piece. A lot of these types of paintings or images fall into a category of early painters in San Ildefonso. These works include Tonita Pena(mother) and Alfonso Roybal (uncle) who influenced J.D Roybal as an artist. The image portrays a scene that was still prevalent when J.D Roybal was most productive from 1960s-1970s (Tanner,127) This is a beautiful silkscreen image to add to your collection. It can be dated anywhere before June 28, 1978 when legendary Roybal passed away.


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