Hopi-Tewa Pottery - Tonita Nampeyo, CPOTJOP16-04


4.25" diameter

4.25" H

Condition: Good

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  • Tonita Hamilton Nampeyo (1934-present) she is the granddaughter of Nampeyo and the daughter of Fannie Polacca Nampeyo and Vinton Polacca. She is from the Tewa Village and is of the Corn Clan. She participated in the Santa Fe Indian Market in 1984 and won the "Best Traditional Pottery"(Dillingham, pg.116). She is quoted in Rick Dillinghma's book; "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery", :

    "I want to continue the traditional methods and designs. I don want to deviate from what my mom and grandmother did and hand it down to the young ones. Thats the most important thing, to keep tradition alive (pg.19). This pot has intricate linework that was done with precision. There are some minor scuff marks on this pot. It has no cracks at all. The signature at the bottom has a icon of a corn to represent her clan. It is a beautiful pot to add to your collection.


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