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Hopi-Tewa Pottery - Antoinette Silas Honie, CPOTRCB15-19


3" diameter

3.25" H

Condition: Good


  • Antoinette Silas Honie is of Hopi-Tewa, Laguna descent and is from the Kachina Clan. Antoinette's mother is Roberta Silas and sisters are Louann silas, Venora silas and Jofern Silas Puffer. She is from Polacca, a Hopi-Tewa community. At the age of 15 she started making pottery and learned it from her mother. She uses some of her mother's designs and has developed her own designs over time. Some of her known designs include compositions of parrot tail feather, prayer feather, scroll, parrot's beak, rain clouds and kiva steps (Schaaf, pg. 154)

    This pot has a beautiful design that wraps around the pot. There is some scuffing on some parts of the pot. The outside is smooth and has an even flow compared to the inside. The inside has smearing that may have been left that way for aesthetic purposes. Also when the pot is set down it is visible that this pot has a uneven look. There is no cracks or other damages to this pot. A handmade pot to add to your collection.


    1. Scaaf, Gregory. "Hopi-Tewa Pottery. 500 artist biographies". (1998) Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures Press.