Hopi Pottery - Vase by Marianne Navasie, CPOTRCB15-16


6.25" H

3.25" opening

8" diameter

condition: good

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  • Marianne Navasie was born in 1951. She is the granddaughter of Paqua Naha the original frog woman and her mother is Joy Navasie (yellow flower). She learned how to make pottery by watching her mother and eventually making her own designs. She was about 25 years old when she started to make pottery. Her mother would design the pots and they signed with ta pollywog and their initials : M. N. Her mother always pushed to keep their pottery traditional (Dillinghma, pg. 70).

    This vase has a cream color and maroon slips painted for the design. The designs are flawless and precise. It has thin walls that are consistent all around. This vase has a signature on the bottom of the frog symbol with a tadpole and the letter M. An elegant piece to add to your collection.


    Dillingham, Rick. " Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery". (1994) The University of New Mexico Press.