Hopi Pottery- Maynard & Veronica Navasie, CPOTRCB15-15


4.75" diameter

1.75" opening

- condition : moderate

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  • A Hopi pot by Maynard and Veronica Navasie. Maynard Navasie is Tewa, kachina and Parrot Clan. He was born around 1945 and became an active potter in 1960 with his wife. He made white ware with black and red designs. He was the grandson of Paqua Naha the first Frog Woman. The son of Joy Navasie the second Frog Woman and his father is Bill Navasie. He was married to Veronica Navasie and collaborated with her to make pottery(Schaaf, Pg. 123). Maynard passed away in 2003.  Veronica is Hopi and comes from the Sun Clan and Walpi. She is the daughter of Woodrow Preston and Laura Preston. Some of her favorite designs are parrots and feathers (Schaaf, Pg. 124).  

    This piece has some scuffs on the design around the pot. This pot has both signatures on the bottom of the pot. It has no cracks or other damages to this pot. A handmade pot to add to your collection.


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