Hopi Pottery - Marianne Navasie, CPOTDOR-IP-36


Marianne Navasie life span, 1951-2007.

Tribe, Hopi/Tewa.

Vase Size 16" H x 10" W.

Condition: Good

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  • Marianne Navasie (active 1970-2007),  was the daughter of Joy Navasie and the grand daughter of world renowned Paqua Naha, the original "Frog Woman". Marianne was born in 1951 and started creating pottery when she was 18. She was three when her grandmother died but worked with her mother with clay a lot. Marianne mastered the white ware look by Paqua. Marianne's mother always pushed to keep the traditional hand coiled pottery making methods and carry on the frog style. She would gather all her materials, clean, mix, hand coil, shape, sand, paint, and fire her own pottery outdoors using sheep dung. 

    This wedding vase is very beautiful example of her work in shape, form and design. It has all the aspects of the "Frog Woman" style and keeps to that name. The walls are thin and consistent all around. There is no damages to this piece. An elegant wedding vase to add to your collection or to give as a gift.