Hopi Pottery - Long Hair Kachina by Lawrence Namoki, POTLN2-2


A Long Hair Kachina Hopi Pot.

Lawrence Namoki

3" H X 2.75" diameter

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  • Lawerence Namoki is Hopi from the Flute-Deer Clan. He is known as "Father of miniature Kachina Doll carvers" because he started out carving kachinas. He was born 8/25/1949 in Polacca near Tuba City, Arizona. He is the son of Maxwell Namoki and Rosalie Kaye.  He learned how to make pottery from Nathan Youngblood who is a Santa Clara potter. Lawerence's styles include deep carved ware, black on buff, white on buff and kachina figures. The designs are all related to Hopi legends and culture. The kachina on the pot represents the Long-Haired Kachina.

    According to Baron Wright, "The complete guild to collecting kachina dolls", he is the bringer of gentle rains and flowers. Also, he is the Kokoshi of Zuni and appears in almost all the Pueblos from the Hopi. It is mentioned that the long hair represents rain and the feathers hanging among the hair is clouds (pg.86). 

    This piece is in excellent shape with no damage to it at all. It is made to sit on a flat surface for display. The signature is on the bottom of the piece.This is a wonderful piece to add to your collection.


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