Hopi Pottery - Incised Shell Design by Preston Duwyenie, CPOTSW19-45


Hopi pottery

Preston Duwyenie

3.5" H

8.5" W

Condition: Good

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  • Born in 1951 in the village of Hotevilla at Third Mesa on the Hopi Indian Reservation of Arizona, Preston Duwyenie has emerged out of a cultural past and into the present with his simple and striking works of art.

    His distinguished past includes degrees at the American Indian Art Institute, a BFA at the University of Colorado, and coursework in the MFA program at the same school. His career launched him into a world of mixed mediums where he not only practiced metal work and ceramics but taught as well. He has traveled North America giving workshops and lectures.

    His inspiration comes from his native homeland however. His designs are indicative of the drifting sand dunes that are found in isolated areas of the Hopi reservation. The silver ingots have water-like designs which represent a reverence for water and the rain which is a scarce resource. The silver is cast from cuttlefish bone. His shifting sands series integrates ceramic and metal, reflecting one moment in time for the artist.

    This is a Hopi pot that is in the shape of a disc. The opening has an interesting slant. There is a chevron shape shell design that is imbedded.  The pot is very smooth all around with no damage. However, this pot is stunning in every way. A beautiful pot to add to your collection.