Hopi Pottery - Chakoptewa Jar, CPOTKV10-07


9" H

19" diameter

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  • Michael Hawley (1928-2012) is also known as Chakoptewa, the hopi name given to him. He created true sikyatki polychrome pottery vessels in the same manner as they were made from the 14th-17th centuries. He used hand-ground clay dug on Antelope Mesa on the Hopi Reservation and he hand coiled, shaped, polished, painted and coal fired each of his pots. All of his pigments were made by hand from minerals and plants native to the Hopi Reservation. The designs he made were either influenced by Sikyatki designs or originals. 

    This pot is large and wide in size. It is well made with no cracks but there is age to the paint since it is natural. The signature is on the bottom of the pot. It is a marvelous piece to add to your collection.