Hopi Pottery - Patty Maho, CPOTMME14-16


Hopi pot by Patty Maho

9" diameter

5.5" opening

10.5" tall

Condition: Some damage

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  • Patty Maho is one of the oldest potters on the mesa. She is Hopi and works with her daughter Mamie Nahoodyce. Patty potted in the 40s and 50s and Mamie did the painting for her. Mamie also did the finishing work for her as well. This piece is dated around 1960s. It has a couple of cracks in this piece. One on the bottom and the other on the side of the pot. This pot holds a lot of talent and history. It is still a memorable piece with a stunning design wrapped around it.  This is an inspirational piece to add to your collection.