Hopi Basket - Wicker bucket, CBASTAS18-01


Hopi wicker basket

7" H

9.5" diameter

27.5" around basket

Condition: Some damage

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  • Hopi wicker baskets were made to store dry foods or other types of storage. Some were used for ceremonial purposes while others were given away as gifts. The deep plaited wicker bowls like this one are popular with tourists and are used for waste baskets. The are made by plaiting slender stems of rabbitbrush over and under warps of squawberry sumac shoots. There are varieties of rabbit brush and they all are used depending on mesa location. This basket has a orange and blueish coloring. The blue part was once black and dyed with sunflower seeds to achieve that color. The top rim is loosely wrapped with yucca splits that have been dyed black. The base is strong and built by gathering of sumac shoots. This piece has been used has slight damage on the top. However the basket is a example of the wicker basket. A handmade basket to add to your collection.