Hopi Basket - Antelope Design, BASTOH16-01


Hopi Antelope Basket.

10" High by 12" Diameter.

40" Around Basket.

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  • This is a Hopi basket that is made out of rabbitbrush and wrapped with slender splints of yucca leaves. It is mentioned in Whiteford's book, "Southwestern Indian Baskets" that these techniques may have been learned by prehistoric Hohokam, Pima and Tohono O'odham. It is possible since these tribes have shared some customs. The usage of yucca became very popular because of its abundance in the desert landscapes. Most basketmakers prefer natural dyes and refuse to use aniline dyes (Whiteford, 146).
    This particular basket has some fading and wear because of its usage. The handles are strong and bound by smaller loops that hold it in place. At the bottom of the basket, the rabbitbrush is visible. Most likely from being rubbed on a hard surface from being used for some type of dry storage. The basket is intact and can be displayed or used for dry storage. A handmade basket to add to your collection or to give as a gift.


    Whiteford, Andrew Hunter. Southwestern Indian Baskets: Their History and Their Makers.(1988) Japan. School of American Research Press.