Harrison Begay Painting - COASW19-11


28.25" L

31.25" W

-measurements include frame

- gouache paint

- painted on mat board

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  • Harrison Begay or Haskay Yahne Yah (The Wandering Boy) was born on the Navajo Reservation at a place known as Whitecone. He studied at Santa Fe under Dorothy Dunn from 1934-1940. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during WW II under General Dwight Eisenhower. In the 1960s he was discharged and continued to pursue art. In the 1960s he met General Eisenhower at the annual Ceremonials in Gallup NM. Harrison presented one of his paintings to him which is now in a permanent collection in Washington D.C. Harrison Begay's paintings are well known for this era of early Navajo paintings. This painting is of the, Fire Dance, a Navajo ceremony that is held for nine days and nights. The medicine man that is seated is drumming on a basket which represents earth. The feather's he holds comes from an eagle that cannot be killed but sought after which can be difficult. The detail in this painting preserves the Navajo ceremonies that are only known by a few. A fine painting of healing to add to your collection.

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