Gourd Art - "Totem Pole" by Lona Warne, COALW18-12


40" tall

4.5" across individual face (widest one)

Assorted Figures Hand Painted Gourds 

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  • Lona Warne currently lives in Farmington New Mexico and has been making gourd art for 30 years. She studied under Robert Rivera for two years. This piece represents various aspects of Native American Indian tribes that are combined into one idea. There are nine individual gourd sculptures that are adorned with paint, feathers, buckskin and beads. Some are influenced by Hopi, Navajo and Pueblo tribes. All the pieces have a hole that is drilled through the bottom and the top to be detached for shipping purposes. They are bound by a stick that is drilled into a petrified wood and stand as a totem pole. The totem pole idea may come from Alaskan tribes where they carve their clans into pieces like this to reflect their origin. This piece may represent that idea of coming together of tribes. Its a beautiful piece that will inspire creativity. A fine piece to add to your collection.