Geronimo by Joseph Imhof, COAKES18-01


27.5" L

21.5" W

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  • Joseph Imhof became an important documentary painter of Indian life in New Mexico. He was in Europe in 1891 for formal training and while he was there he met and sketched Buffalo Bill and his Native American Indians in the "Wild West Show" which was making a grand tour of Europe. He returned to the U.S. and studied the Iroquois Indians in New York state and Canada. In 1905 he traveled to the Southwest for the first time to record ceremonies of Pueblo Indians. He had a studio built in Albuquerque in 1906 and continued to travel the region before settling in Taos in 1929. He collected many Indian artifacts and recorded ethnological information with his paintbrush. He had the first lithography press in Taos, making prints and taught lithography. This drawing has written; Geronimo "Goyathlay" 1834-1909 by Josephy a. Imhof, Taos, NM. This drawing is in good condition and the frame reads: Donated by Diamond M. Foundation, Synder Texas. A historical piece to add to your collection.