Framed Painting by Leroy Kewanyouma, CJBB-84


17" H

22.5" W

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  • Leroy Kewanyouma is the signature on the back of this piece and is signed, So Kuva (morning star). He was born at Shungopavi Village, Second Mea, on the Hopi Reservation on 10/14/1922-1997. He moved to Winslow, AZ, where he made a career of carving Katsina dolls and painting Katsina dances. He also made jewelry in the Hopi silver overlay style. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He has pieces in established museums throughout the southwest. This piece is signed in the front: Soe-Kuwa Kin 1974. The actual painting is in good shape with frame and glass. A unique piece to add to your collection.