Framed-Kokopeli by Gilmore Scott, COALNH14-03

25" L X 20.5" W
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  • Gilmore Scott studied at the College of Eastern Utah and at Utah State University. After nine years with the U.S. Forest Service he went back to his artwork. He works with watercolors, acrylics and color pencils. His artwork is his interpretation of how he views the his heritage, Navajo culture. These subjects include desert landscapes, still life, and abstract designs with a twist of Navajo culture.

    This is a mixed media with watercolor and color pencils. It is of a kokopeli, the bringer of rain. This has some Anasazi influence with pottery on the bottom and ruins in between. This also has a United Staes Postage emblem that surrounds the kokopeli. Its an abstract painting that combines traditional and modern ideas. A inspirational piece to add to your collection.