Fetish Necklace - Peter and Dinah Gasper, CJJOBN16-04


Peter and Dinah Gasper Zuni fetish necklace.  Necklace measures 30".

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  • Pete and Dinah Gasper are credited with being the first carvers at Zuni to inlay their fetishes with heartlines. Another innovation they developed is a method of signing fetishes that involves inlaying a small circle of silver on each piece that bears their hallmark.

    Pete and Dinah carve fetishes in the traditional style for which Dinah's family has become known. Dinah Gasper is the daughter of Edna Leki and the granddaughter of Teddy Weahkee. Like her mother, Dinah assisted Weahkee with his fetish carving. As a teenager, Dinah helped by drilling shells and assembling fetish bundles.