Earrings - Mary Coriz Lovato, JMCLE16-01


Mary Coriz Lovato earrings measure 1 1/2".

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  • Mary Lovato is known for her unique mosaic inlay, shell work, cast, and stamp-work jewelry. Her forte is inlaid shell earrings and pendants. These lovely pieces are a blend of the contemporary and traditional styles, but Mary strives to maintain tradition above all. “My mother and mostly my father were my teachers. I was brought up very traditional,” she recalls.

    Making jewelry has become a part of Mary Lovato’s soul. “[While making a piece] I’m praying for everybody-not for myself, but for the whole universe. I talk to my jewelry when I make it. I don’t just make them to make them. After it’s done, I say, ‘Whoever it may go to, may they have strength, may they have a good, happy life.’ So that is the way I do my work.”