Navajo Weaving - J.B. Moore Crystal with Whirling Log, C006866


J.B. Moore, Crystal Design Navajo Rug.

Unknown Weaver, 1920-30's.  

Weaving Measures 44" x 75".

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  • J.B. Moore Crystal style Navajo rug with a Whirling Log.  From the Crystal Trading Post in Crystal, NM. The rugs were hand spun with natural colors and aniline red accents. J.B. Moore was an early marketer of Navajo rugs and the early Crystal style using Oriental rug designs given to the weavers for inspiration.  Moore created a catalog that buyers could use to order rugs, to design and size specifications.  Clients in the NE could order a rug and have it shipped to them from Crystal, NM, a first for the Navajo weaving trade. 

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