Cradleboard - Mono, ACTRM14-13


37.5" L

11.25" W

12.5" H

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  • A Mono cradle board used for carrying newborn babies. This basket is incomplete, it is missing the straps to tie the baby in. It has a fabric that is probably around the 1920s and the rest of material is natural. It is made out of these long shoots that have been gathered, stripped and dried. The diamond design is made for girls and indicates movement or staying busy as she gets older. The bottom of the board has a leather that is sewn together. The back has a fabric handle to hang on a wall for display. Also, this was used to secure the baby while the mother completes her duties. There are a couple shoots at the ends that have broken. Otherwise the piece is intact in moderate condition. A handmade piece to add to your collection.