Concho Belt - Navajo Silver Stamp by Russ Rockbridge, CJCBHCF20-02

A Navajo Concho Belt with Silver and Stamp work.

Russ Rockbridge

43 1/2" L  1 1/2" W

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  • A Navajo concho belt with silver and stamp work by Russ Rockbridge. This belt measures 43 1/2 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches wide. There are twelve conchos and buckle. This concho belt has the second phase style of conchos. This type consisted of silver, stamping, copper on the back to attached the concho. This piece uses several stamps that make up the repeating design on the conchos.  They have bee stamped before being domed to its shape. The buckle has a different look. There are four repousse shapes on the buckle and  linear designs throughout the buckle. A beautifully made piece that can be worn with jeans, dress and any outfit that needs a Southwest flair.