Concho Belt - #8 Turquoise & Silver, CJJALCB13-01

A concho belt with #8 Turquoise and silver.

45" L X 3 3/4" W

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  • A concho belt with #8 Turquoise and silver. This belt has six bows, six round and one buckle. All three pieces have different types of silversmith techniques that are stamping and repousse. The buckle has four wavy repousse designs with a variety of stamping. The stamp work is repeating designs that come straight and round to make up the entire piece. The bows have six repousse designs with some stamp work. The circle pieces have slender repousse designs, stamping and some blank space. There is no hallmark to this remarkable piece which may date it before 1960s. A beautiful array of designs and Turquoise stones. A piece that will be one of your favorite belts to wear during special occasions.