Cheyenne - Gouache Painting by Archie Blackowl, COASIB15-04

40" L X 28.5" W
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  • Archie Blackowl was a Cheyenne painter from Oklahoma who was part of essential roll in the mid-20th century of Native American Indian art. He was born in Custer County, Oklahoma, on November 23, 1911 and died on September 15, 1992. His work captures the traditional Southern Plains culture and life. The paintings he created generally are in tempera or mixed media depict scenes of dancers or ceremonies in the 2D style of Dorothy Dunn.

    This painting is of a Southern Plains burial ceremony. The painting is in the first generation of Native American Indian style of flat, clean and simple designs of traditional lifestyle. Blackowl once said, "Leave a mark. Put something down so that when the young people see it they will understand". This painting is in good condition and has no damage. It is a amazing piece to add to your collection.


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