"Bread and Watermelon" by J.D. Roybal, OAKT12-1

7.5" H


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  • J.D Roybal whose first name was Jose, and whose Tewa name was Oquwa(Rain God), was a well-known Native American painter fro San Ildefonso Pueblo. He was born on November 7,1922 at San Ildefonso, the son of Tonita and Juan Cruz Roybal and nephew of two popular Pueblo artists., Alfonso Roybal and Awa Tsireh, the latter of whom taught him the traditional style of Pueblo painting. J.D's paintings focused on dance ceremonies of the San Ildefonso, and were characterized by multiple figures. He uses water based paints for his work. In his work there prevails fine color, excellent detail, and small and fine outlines, gesturing figures, and pleasing combination of heavy conventional themes with realistic subjects. More importantly, his devotion to traditional Pueblo painting made him one of the more important San Ildefonso painters. A special piece to add to your collection.