Bracelet - Turquoise & Arrow Inlay Sylvana Apache, JRASBR-1050

A bracelet with Turquoise and arrow inlay.

Sylvana Apache

6 1/4" Diameter X 1 1/4" opening is included in diameter.

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  • A bracelet with turquoise and arrow inlay by Sylvana Apache. This bracelet has silver channels that divide the Turquoise inlay. There is Jet, White Shell, Damale Turquoise, Charoite, Red and Orange spiney oyster shell. The inlay is very fine and intricate when seen up close. The inside lining of the bracelet has beautiful stamp work that covers in backing. The hallmark reads: Canoncito Band of Navajos. This part refers to her husband, Randy Secatero who is a Navajo artist that works along side her. Then her hallmark is below that stamping. This gorgeous bracelet is made from the Southwest.