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Bolo Tie - Vintage With Variscite Stone, CJMIJBO17-01


Vintage silver bolo tie with variscite stone.  Black leather tie Measures 40" with a 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" bolo.


  • Variscite is a lesser-known gemstone and although it rarely occurs in crystals, its aggregate form is still widely used throughout the world of metaphysical and crystal healing. As a green gemstone, it is a strong grounding stone and green gemstones are often used for gaining wealth and improving the intellect. The power of variscite is thought be able to help most brain-related functions, such as learning, reasoning and logic or common sense. It is believed to be an excellent stone for relieving stress and anxiety. Variscite is thought to enhance feelings of joy, peace and harmony for those who carry or wear it as jewelry.