We are loading the vans, packing the rugs and getting ready to take off for Santa Fe in a few days and we have some great Navajo weavings to share with you.

We just acquired a collection of contemporary First, Second and Third Phase blanket design weavings that are as sharp and beautiful as any we’ve ever had in the Gallery! And, several weavers have created pieces based on the old blankets with their own interpretations or the traditional designs.

That is one of the things that makes Navajo weaving so wonderful! These artists have had a way since the beginning of the art form of taking a basic design and giving it a beautiful new look!


First Phase Chief Blanket by Nellie Shorty: $3,000


Contemporary Chief Design by Imo Succo: $5,000

And, speaking of creative, we have new Burnham weavings by Marie, Alice, Sandy, Ursula and Bernal Begay that will knock you out. For over forty years, these women have paved a path of innovation in weaving with their roots firmly planted in tradition!


Burnham Weaving by Alice Begay: $5,400


Burnham Weaving by Sandy Begay: $7,200

We will also be showing a six minute film of Marie Begay and her family with all of the steps in weaving a rug, from shearing sheep to taking it off of the loom. This is just a teaser for a full length film that our good friend Howard Rowe has been working on for a couple of years. You are going to really enjoy it!

Tradition? You want tradition? We have one of the best selections of LARGE, I’m talking BIG Navajo weavings that will be traveling with us to Santa Fe! These are beautiful traditional pieces that came off of looms that you just don’t see on the reservation any more. It takes a long time and an amazing amount of skill to weave a big rug. If you are looking for something special for the floor, this is the time!

This year we also have a collection of wonderful old, real, vegetal dye weavings from the Wide Ruins and Chinle areas. These are amazing pieces that are seldom done today. This was back when weavers actually picked plants and made their own dyes! This is good stuff!

New pieces by Anthony Tallboy, Louise Yazzie, Bertha Harvey, old classic transitional weavings, JB Moore’s and lots of wonderful Regional weavings are all going to be available.


Burntwater Area Vegetal Dye by Belinda Six: $4,500


Yei Weaving from the 1930s: #1,800

We are showing at the Inn at Loretto in the Zuni Ballroom from Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am until 6 pm. We are also hosting a special series of talks and book signings during the week.

Here is the schedule:


Louise-Yazzie-Ganado-webGanado Red by Louise Yazzie: $1,500

Please feel free to make the Zuni Room in the Inn at Loretto your “go to” headquarters this week. We share the room with the Waddell Trading Company, showing the finest in Native American jewelry, and it is the perfect place to meet and plan your next adventure, rest your feet and make new friends!

I can’t share how excited I am about this coming week. My son Ed is coming with his family and his 44 foot travel trailer, my sister Antonia is giving up hiking, biking and river running for the week, Kris is bringing her Swedish relatives (I call them the Vikings) and even my mom, Mary Jane, is coming (her real reason for being in Santa Fe is Opera!). She has promised to help out for part of each day! Come and see us!

Thanks for following our blog!