Acoma Pottery - Storyteller by Marilyn Henderson, CPOTMER13-03


6.25" H

5.25" L

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  • Marilyn Ray-Henderson is from the Yellow Corn Clan and has been an active potter since the 1960s. She is the granddaughter of Toribio & Dolores S. Sanchez. The daughter of Katherine and Edward Lewis. She learned how to make pottery from her mother and grandmother. She makes traditional and non traditional jars, bowls, storytellers, human figures, animal figures and polychrome jars and bowls. Some of her favorite designs are mother and child, grandmothers and babies, fisherman catching a fish and Mimbres lizards (Schaaf, pg. 249). 

    This storyteller features a mother holding a pot with five children crawling on her. The shape and painting of the piece is executed well. It is in good condition with no repairs done on it. An elegant piece to add to your collection.


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" (2002) Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures Press.