Acoma Pottery - Small Pot by Lucy M. Lewis, POTLL2-1


Acoma small pot.

Lucy. M Lewis

3.25" H

3" opening

3.75" diameter

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  • Lucy Martin Lewis was born (11/2?-3/12/1992) in Sky City, a mesa in Acoma Pueblo NM to Lola Santiago and Martin Ortiz. She began making pottery at age eight, after studying with her aunt Helice Vallo. Lucy's parents worked in nearby towns like Grants. The pottery she made in early years were for tourists. They were small pieces that were sold for five or ten cents. In the late 1910s, she married Toribio 'Haskay' Luis. The family name was changed to Lewis when the oldest son Ivan, went into the marines during WWII. She had nine children and seven became potters. 

    Lucy's designs were inspired by Ancestral Pueblos (Anasazi), including the Mimbre's design of the Mongollen. Her family began to buy books and research old designs and she incorporated them into her pots. This pot is inspired by Anasazi designs of line work and black on white. This pot has no damage but the white slip has some minor cracks from age. It is light in weight and has thin walls like many of her pots. A fine pot to add to your collection.