Acoma Pottery - Small Canteen by Becky Pasquale, CPOTSUK15-09


4" L

3" W

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  • Becky Pasquale is a Acoma pottery and was born in 1940s. She started making pottery around the 1960s. She is the wife of Harold Pasquale and the mother to Yolanda P. Trujillo and Marcella Augustine. She makes traditional black-on-white, bowls, seeds pots, clay baskets, miniaitures, fine lined designs and polychrome pots. Some of her favorite designs are chickens, flowers and feathers-in-a-row (Schaaf, pg. 233). She usually signs: B. Pasquale but in this piece her whole name is signed. 

    This piece is a delightful little canteen with a bear design on the front. Like most Acoma pots they are made with thin walls because of the type of clay used. It is in good condition with no repairs done on it. 


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" (2002) Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures Press.