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Acoma Pottery - Seed Pot by Dolores Lewis, POTTOH19-01


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Seed Pot in Mimbres style

2.25" diameter

2.75" H

Condition: Good


  • Dolores Lewis Garcia (04/25/1938 or 1939) is an Acoma potter from the Road Runner Clan and has been an active potter since 1953. She is the daughter of Lucy M. Lewis and Toribio Lewis. She learned how to make pottery from her mother Lucy. She was inspired by her mother by seeing her make pottery and talk about the pottery spiritually. She acknowledges the Anasazis and Mimbres for their designs where their inspiration is drawn from. Dolores is known for her deer, Rainbirds, parrots, clouds and rain designs (Shcaaf, pg. 132). 

    This seed pot is in good condition. It has two rabbits in Mimbres that are opposite form each other. It has the black on cream white.  This seed pot is signed and is in good condition. An excellent piece to add to your collection. 


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Southern Pueblo Pottery 2000 Artist Biographies". (2002) Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures Press.