Acoma Pottery - Seed Pot by Barbara and Joseph Cerno, CPOTBJJ14-52


2" diameter

2" H

Condition: Good

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  • Barbara Cerno and Joseph Cerno are married couple that making pottery together. They make large traditional polychrome ollas. They make their pottery out of traditional materials and techniques. Barbara is related to Marcella Kahe and Bessie Namoki, two famous potters in Hopi. Barbara first learned how to make pottery from her mother-in-law, Santana Cimmeron Cerno. Joseph Cerno assisted his mother and learned about gathering herbs, prayers and pottery. He took this acquired knowledge and applied it to his pottery (Schaaf pg. 73-74). 

    This is a polychrome seed pot with Mimbre's design that wraps around this small pot. It has no damage or cracks. It is dated December 1984. It is signed BJ which is both Barbara and Joseph. An elegant pot to add to your collection.


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Southern Pueblo Pottery 2000 Artist Biographies" (2002) Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures Press.