Acoma Pottery - Rose Chino Garcia, CPOTSCK12-5


Rose Chino Garcia

6" H

5" at opening

6.5" diameter

Condition: Good

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  • Rose Chino (1928-2000) and her sisters, Carrie Charlie Chino, Vera Chino Ely and Grace Chino, are daughters of Marie Z. Chino. The whole family are exceptional potters, the daughters having learned from the expert their mother at an early age and the further developing their art on their own. Rose's pottery is in the collections of the Peabody Museum at Harvard University, Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Heard Museum in Phoenix and numerous private collections. She won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market beginning in 1975.

    This beautiful pot has a repeating design that wraps around it. It has fine lines that are filled in with the three colors used in Acoma pottery which are orange, deep brown and cream white. The walls of this pot are thin and slate like from the type of clay that is used surround the Pueblo area. The pot has minor chipping of the paint which may have happened from the firing process. There are no cracks and no damage to the overall pot. An elegant pot to add to your collection.