Acoma Pottery - Loretta & Lawerence Joe, CPOTANL19-03


8.75" H

6.75" diameter

condition: good

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  • An Acoma pot by Loretta and Lawerence Joe. Loretta is from the Yellow Corn Clan and has been an active potter since 1977.  She was born 9/17/1958. She is the granddaughter of Lupe and John Concho and daughter of Florence and Fred Waconda. She learned how to make pottery from her grandmother and mother. Some of her favorite designs are parrots, bears, heartlines, rainbows, flowers, plants and clouds. She has multiple pieces in prestigious galleries and collections. Her husband Lawerence Joe was born around 1950s and he enjoys making traditional jars and bowls (Schaaf, Pg. 156). 

    This pot is in perfect condition. It has an amazing design that wraps around the pot. Like most Acoma pots it has thin walls because of the slate clay they use. Its truly an amazing pot to add to your collection. 


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