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High Grade Royston Turquoise Set, Jeanette Dale, JJDSET-5400

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Be expecting plenty of compliments when you are wearing this set! The handcrafted pieces are made of silver and each feature Royston turquoise. The pieces are fabulously finished and all of the hard work that was put into them, will surely make it a showstopper and you will know it was a great investment! 

  • Dale is an award winning Navajo artist. This set of jewelry is fabulous. The necklace features 6 high grade Royston turquoise. Each stone is set in smooth straight bezel. The necklace is 20" in full length and has a 2" drop of Royston. The ring holds one Royston turquoise, the stone is set in a silver bezel that is surrounded by hand dropped silver balls. The ring is a size 7 1/4. Now, This set is nothing at all average, the bracelt is handmade just like everything else. Directly in the middle of the bracelet is a Royston turquoise stone. The stone is gently set in hand cut bezel, while on the sides there are pieces of twist wire and silver drops that accent the entire bracelet. Jeanette is well known for her traditional deep Navajo stamp work and that clearly shows in this bracelet. The bracelet measures 8" around with a 1 1/4" opening and is 1 1/8" at its widest point. The last, but definetly not least are the earrings. These earrings tie the whole set together. The pierced style earrings encase Royston in a saw tooth bezel with silver drops at the very bottom. This design gives the earrings a timeless look and feel. The earrings measure 3/4" in length and 3/4" wide. Every single piece has been hallmarked by the artist and is stamped sterling. 

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