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Handwoven Navajo Chinle Rug, C005762

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This type of weaving is perfect for long hallways becuase it has rectangular designs and neutral colors. The chinle rug is a banded rug that shares similarities with the wide ruin rugs, the diffence between these two rugs mostly comes down to where the weaver is form and what designation the rug receives. 


  • This rug is a creation of Inez Murphy. The Navajo weaver has spent time in making sure that this all natural, hand spun wool, and vegetal dyed rug was perfect for the future buyer. The rug is a chinle design, this design is known for using horizontal bands with chevrons, chinle stars, squash blossoms, and diamonds. The wool in this type of rug uses muted colors. The rug measures 32" wide and 55" in length. 

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