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New for Indian Market at Toh-Atin Gallery’s show this Week!
We are loading the vans, packing the rugs and getting ready to take off for Santa Fe in a few days and we have some great Navajo weavings to share with you.
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Works of a Master Potter from Santa Clara Teresita Naranjo, “Apple Blossom"

The process of creating Santa Clara, or any other traditional Pueblo pottery, is exacting and challenging. From locating the clay source, digging it out of the ground, cleaning it, creating the pot by hand using the coil method, carving or painting designs on the pot, polishing it and then firing it under a pile of Pinon or sheep manure, it is a long process.
If everything is not done correctly, the pot may break when fired. If the wind comes up, the finish will not be perfect. It is difficult to make a simple basic pot, but creating a unique, elegant and technically perfect pot is very, very challenging. It is for these reasons that so few potters reach that level of artistry.

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Santa Fe Indian Market Week!

Saturday, August 13, 2016 5:08 PM

Santa Fe Indian Market Week!

Toh-Atin Gallery will be in Santa Fe, Wednesday through Sunday, and will be showing the largest selection of Navajo weaving in town! We will also be featuring free lectures on Native jewelry and weaving!

It’s the biggest week in American Indian art as thousands of artists, dealers, collectors, museum directors, art lovers and more than a few crazy people, descend on this Northern New Mexico town!

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